10 Sep

Agreement In Principle En Francais

2. Unless otherwise specified or the context requires, this Chapter shall also apply to other receivables transferable by agreement for assignment reasons. A treaty is effective insofar as it violates principles recognised as fundamental by the law of the Member States of the European Union. 2. A creditor may consent in advance to future substitution. In this case, the replacement takes effect only when the creditor is informed by the new debtor of the agreement between the new debtor and the original debtor. Paris (France), June 22, 2020 – Technicolor (Euronext Paris: TCH); OTCQX: TCLRY) (the “Company”) announces today that it has reached an agreement in principle on a financial restructuring plan (the “Agreement in Principle”) corresponding to the Company`s objectives, (i) a new financing of €420 million. (ii) to lighten the company`s balance sheet by rebalancing up to €660 million of its term B and the revolving credit facility. The company received the support of a majority (65.77%1) of its lenders under the term credit facility and Bpifrance Participations, an institutional shareholder. 2. However, if one of the parties refuses to enter into a contract, unless the parties have agreed on a particular matter, no contract shall be concluded unless an agreement has been reached on the matter.

The agreement in principle was supported by the company`s board of directors. It remains subject to the conclusion of negotiations on its terms and negotiations on the necessary documents and agreements. the law and any contract from which it is derived shall not be modified without the agreement of the assignee, unless the modification is provided for in the contract of assignment or in good faith and is of a nature to which the assignee has not reasonably been able to object; and if the parties entered into an obvious contract that was not intended to reflect their true agreement, as the true agreement prevails between the parties. A modification of the receivable obtained by agreement between the assignor and the debtor, without the agreement of the assignee, following a notice of assignment, whether or not it complies with paragraph 1 of Article 11.303, shall not affect the rights of the assignee vis-à-vis the debtor, unless the modification is provided for in the contract of assignment or in good faith and is of a nature: The beneficiary of the pension could not reasonably object to this. 1. The assignment of an existing receivable takes effect at the time of the assignment agreement or at a later date at which the closings and assignees agree to it. 2. In the absence of such an agreement, a sum of money expressed in a currency other than that of the place where payment is due may be paid in the currency of that place in accordance with the exchange rate in force on the due date.

agree that their contract is governed by the “general principles of law” which fall within the scope of the “lex mercatoria” or otherwise; or (1) A clause in a written contract that requires a written amendment or termination of an agreement is based only on the presumption that an agreement to modify or terminate the contract is legally binding only if it is not available in writing. 1. If the parties have met only so that the offer and acceptance relate to contractual conditions to the contrary, a contract shall nevertheless be concluded. The general terms and conditions form an integral part of the Treaty, in so far as they are essentially common. (3) In particular, it is contrary to good faith and honest trade for one Party to enter into or continue negotiations without any real intention of reaching an agreement with the other Party. .

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