08 Apr

Anishinabek Nation Education Fiscal Transfer Agreement

That the proposed First Nations Education Act provide the Canadian Minister of Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development with the legal authority to make Consolidated Income Fund payments to First Nations education authorities to provide on-reserve education services; That the method used to determine the amount of these payments be enshrined in the regulations adopted under the Act and developed in consultation with First Nations; that these rules would take into account important cost factors, such as demographics and remoteness; and that the payment introduction formula includes, among other things, programs to preserve and revitalize First Nations languages. In addition, participating First Nations will not lose out on future federal investments in First Nation education. There is a process to review future federal investments in First Nation education and include every new money as part of our education funding agreement. Self-management agreements also mean that our First Nations can direct new financial resources with self-management agreements towards community-defined priorities and more relationships with our own people. The answer to both of these questions is that we do not know. But the tax agreement makes it clear that Canada`s annual transfer (general spending base plus sectoral funding, minus Anishinabek`s contribution) will go directly to the Anishinabek nation and only to the Anishinabek nation. You are the sole agent of the tax agreement. For more than 20 years, the Anishinabek Nation and its member communities have been working to create the Anishinabek Education System (AES). The Anishinabek education system is based on the intrinsic competence of the Anishinabek First Nations for education on the Reserve.

The National Bank of Anishinabek? So far, Canada will only support the ANGA. Like all other self-management agreements, First Nations should also contribute to the costs of implementing governance. Q. When a First Nation signs a government relationship with Canada, does it end its relations between nations with the Crown? Senator Christmas, in his remarks, also quoted by Henry Ford. I remember our friend and colleague Gerry St Germain, when we debated the report of our Committee on Education, also talked about the era of the horse and the stroller and the transition to gas-powered vehicles. I kept going and said it was time to enter the space era. To support the ratification process in the area of education, the parties jointly developed a Comprehensive Communication Strategy (CSS) to support awareness and “informed consent” of ANEA, EFTA and IEP. The CSC identifies a four-phase communication approach, launched in November 2015, that will continue to support communication activities until the november/December 2016 voting week is implemented. Phase 1 was completed in March 2016 and Phase 2 is currently underway until June 2016. These two phases provide context, educational landscape and content of agreements (ANEA, PEE, PEE).

The communication process for the ratification of education also has a social media support plan (website, Facebook and Twitter).

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