08 Apr

Asca Annual Agreement Examples

We poured examples and templates (thank you so much to Google!) and finally came up with something that really worked for us. It was the time and energy of WELL WORTH to get there! Therefore, the annual agreement is an asCA-National standard document that helps consultants and their administrators get on the same page with respect to program plans and objectives. I must admit that it took me a few years to deal with the importance of this… it seemed like a useless piece of paper that I didn`t have to create on time. A colleague told me how she felt a difference in the efficiency and effectiveness of her program when she made an annual agreement at about the same time that I received a very enthusiastic new co-advisor, so we decided to do so. Hello! I`m sorry, it was on my school computer that I no longer have, otherwise I would send you the model by email! Better, Sara After a few attempts and mistakes, this is the model we came to use and love. It`s not revolutionary, but I thought I`d share it in case it really swings with someone else! If you want to .doc them, leave a message with your email, and I`ll pull it in your way. Hello! Unfortunately, I no longer have a digital copy (it was on a laptop that died). At best, Sara Hi! Could you share this document with me? I am a new school board and would like to try for next fall. Thank you very much!.

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