08 Apr

Bank Fee Agreement

Valid for deposits in an account with another bank managed by our employees in a branch or by phone. For deposits in commercial accounts, cash processing fees and cheques may be incurred. Information about these accounts and services is only available to existing account holders. Please visit your next BMO Bank of Montreal subsidiary to see how our current product line can offer a better solution to your banking needs. If you have a Jumpstart account and you are 18 years of age or older, you can claim the following credit products with special price benefits. ANZ`s borrowing and eligibility criteria, conditions and fees apply to all overdrafts, credit cards and private loans. International students can only apply for an ANZ credit card. There is no ANZ goMoney service charge. Depending on the mobile operator`s plan, standard mobile phone charges are on the agenda. If you have ANZ goMoney, you pay the data download rate for your mobile phone plan.

The interest rate may change. The minimum balance is $500. The rate of return is calculated daily and is allocated quarterly (in the form of additional units). Additional units will be included quarterly (March, June, September and December) in your AE fund account calendar. Our reserve bank information statement is available on this website or on request from any ANZ branch. Use it wherever visas are accepted – online, by phone, in-store – to access money from your day or savings account. If you are under the age of 21 or are studying full-time, you do not charge a monthly account or transaction fee. You can also apply for a number of special loans (see below). They must be enrolled in a state-recognized higher education institution or NZQA-approved language school and have proof of full-time education.

When applying for a loan, you must stay on your course for at least 6 months. International students can only apply for an ANZ credit card. A copy of the ANZ PIE Fund information brochure and terms and conditions is available at each ANZ institution or by phone on 0800 269 296. All fees and fees we charge for your physical ANZ cards and ANZ accounts also apply when you use a mobile wallet and wallet cards, including for use abroad. ANZ does not charge you extra fees only for setting up a wallet card in New Zealand. We do not charge a fee to clear an automatic payment, bill payment or online payment. Recall fees can be charged if a customer is helped (as best he or she could) recover funds that have been improperly deposited into a third party`s account. This fee applies regardless of whether the funds are successfully recovered by the recipient of the payment.

No fees if linked to an ANZ Freedom or ANZ Jumpstart account. For new debit visa cards associated with an ANZ Go account, the annual card fee is waived for the first 12 months. Only existing MyPhoto EFTPOS customers are available Banks and other financial institutions with branches abroad may charge a fee for their use. The currency conversion costs of 1.3% of the NZD amount also apply to foreign transactions. Your mobile operator can be charged for downloading, updating and using a mobile wallet. We charge these fees if you tell us that you need a confirmation report from the legal auditor in less than 48 hours. The tax must be debited from a valid ANZ transaction account. Your mobile operator may charge an additional fee for Internet access on your mobile device abroad. You are responsible for all charges charged by your mobile operator. You can make contactless payments with a compatible card and card: download detailed account and plan information (92 KB – PDF) and the BMO Bank Unlimited Plan (239 KB – PDF) offer that is no longer available. Go to the

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