09 Apr

Co-Housing Agreements

The success of the partnership with Synergy has extended to management well beyond the development phase. Choosing the rental price for affordable housing is a shared responsibility between Threshold and the housing company. Interested individuals who are enrolled in the Council`s Home Choice program typically spend a weekend in Threshold to see how it works and, when selected, their leases with Synergy require an obligation to participate in certain municipal activities. The threshold centre is clearly a very successful program that would not have been created without a successful housing co-operative. In many ways, it is unique, but that does not mean that it is not reproducible. The group is currently studying a second co-housing project on land close to its successful development. The Threshold Centre was the first co-housing project in England to include a partnership between a group of residents and a housing company that offered a mix of shared property and social housing. The condominium refers to the agreement that governs the house, it is like a condo agreement. The condominium contract in a shared house regulates the rules and regulations of the house and how you enter, stay and withdraw your investment if you wish or need to leave the common house. Given the high price of real estate in Toronto, more attention is being drawn to the concept of co-housing with buyers who share the occupancy and cost of owning a home. I understand that I will take the time to resolve the conflict as soon as possible, in accordance with our community agreements, in the event of a conflict between me, my budget and another household or anyone else in the community. If necessary, I agree to ask for the help of the nomadic mediation team for a skilled member of the community to mediate.

If the problem is not resolved satisfactorily with the help of the mediation team, I agree to seek a free or paid mediation service such as the City of Boulder Community Mediation Service (cost of $30) and pay all expenses for this process. Some of the problems that need to be addressed in a co-housing contract: Shared Homeownership is another term used for co-housing and involves several co-owners (related or unrelated) of a single dwelling unit (SRDU) or, as some call it ” detached house” (SFH).

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