20 Sep

Extension Letter For Leave And License Agreement

Take a letter from him in which he indicates that he leaves your place at the end of the rental period, renewal contract of and between _ [lessor] and _ [tenant], in respect of a particular lease for known and dated premises _, 20_ [lease]. 2. In the absence of such a registered agreement, priority shall be given to the tenant`s assertion as to the conditions under which premises have been put on leave and licensed by the lessor or leased by the lessor, unless the lessor can prove otherwise. 1. The 10-day extension does not mean an extension of the licence. 1. Make a new deed of agreement for another 11-month period. 1. The extension of a contract shall be effected by explicit conditions or by necessary implications. 3. This method shall apply in States where the execution of the L &L Agreement does not need to be registered.

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