22 Sep

Harvard Patent License Agreement

Harvard offers certain materials (usually biological research materials) for non-exclusive commercial use. Some materials, such as mice, are usually offered on a flat-rate basis or with fixed annual payments. Others, such as Hybridom cell lines, also include royalty-based payments. The standard agreements for both types of hardware licenses are available below. 7.1 This Agreement shall remain in force until the expiry or abandonment of patent RIGHTS` last patent or patent application, unless terminated as provided. 7.3 Licensee may choose to surrender its patent rights in each country after sixty (sixty) days of written notice to HARVARD. Such notification does not exempt Licensee from liability to reimburse HARVARD for patent-related costs incurred prior to the expiration of the 60-day notice period (or a longer period specified in Licensee`s notification). (a) a non-exclusive commercial license under the patent rights and 9.3 Licensee shall provide, in all sublicenses it grants under this Agreement, that Licensee`s interest in such sublicenses terminates HARVARD`s choice after termination of this Agreement or that it is assigned to HARVARD. (f) If Licensee is unable or refuses to grant sublicenses, as proposed by HARVARD or by a potential subcontractor or otherwise, HARVARD may directly authorize such potential sublicensee unless, in Harvard`s reasonable discretion, such license would be contrary to sound and reasonable business practice and the granting of such a license would result in the availability of AUTHORIZED PRODUCTS not significantly increasing to the public. .

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