24 Sep

Iosco Administrative Agreement

IOSCO Administrative Agreement for the transfer of personal data between each of the European Economic Area (EEA) authorities listed in Annex A and each of the non-EEA authorities listed in Apapendix B This is an administrative agreement between the EU financial market supervisory authorities, represented by the European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA), and partner international authorities. represented by the International Organization of Securities Commissions (IOSCO). You will find them below under “Appendices”. The SC processes personal data received from eea financial market supervisory authorities in accordance with the safeguards set out in the Management Agreement. However, given the often sensitive nature of the sc`s work and the risk of harming the performance of our regulatory functions, the guarantees of the data subject may be limited in certain cases, such as.B. the obligation for the SC not to disclose confidential information in accordance with professional secrecy or other legal obligations, or to prevent any interference with or prejudice to its supervisory or enforcement functions. Department of International AffairsSafety Commission Malaysia[email protected] It helps us to continuously improve and keep the site up to date. If you have any questions that we would like to contact us, please use our contact form. For any disclosure of actual or suspected breaches of prudential rules, please contact our Whistleblower Contact Point. 2.

Transmission of personal data by SCLe SC may transmit personal data to a foreign supervisory authority in accordance with section 150 of the Securities Commission Malaysia Act 1993. If desirable and necessary, personal data may be transmitted by the SC. B for example. B where the transfer is requested by the foreign supervisory authority to assist them in conducting investigations into the application or management of its laws and regulations under an information exchange agreement such as. B OICVMM. The agreement is necessary for the legal exchange of data with the financial supervisory authorities of third countries. It establishes appropriate data protection safeguards and contains effective and enforceable rights of the data subject. Questions or concernsIf you have any questions or concerns regarding the collection, use, processing, protection, disclosure or transfer of your personal data by the SC, you may contact: 3. Rights of a data subjectA natural person whose personal data has been transmitted by the EEA financial market authorities to the SC (“data subject”) has the right to demand access to his or her personal data, subject to certain exceptions.

A data subject may also require that his or her personal data be rectified if the data subject considers that they contain an error or omission. ComplaintsIf you wish to lodge a complaint regarding the processing of your personal data, you can contact: Office of the General CounselSecurities Commission Malaysia[email protected]. . . .

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