10 Apr

Kosovo Serbia Agreement 2020

Moreover, the agreement contains no implementation plan and, given its strong relations with Russia, it is difficult to imagine Belgrade complying with caution. The implementation of a concession agreement in Kosovo will be seen by the Kremlin as a Serbian betrayal and a victory for the West. For Vucic, who consolidated his power in Serbia with a good game with both East and West, this is not a viable option. Belgrade already appears to be turning away from the agreement, with media citing a source close to Vucic, who says Serbia will not move its embassy to Jerusalem if Israel gets away with Kosovo recognition. The balance between eastern and western Serbia could only be known last week, when Serbia moved from signing the agreement to a military exercise amid anti-Lukashenko protests. Under the new agreement, the two former Yugoslav states will be the first European countries to have embassies in Jerusalem. The decision has been criticised by the European Union. In the discussion that followed, the members of the Council generally welcomed the recent agreement on economic normalization and the resumption of EU-backed talks. Many delegations called for greater participation of women and youth in the peace process, while calling for unity between both sides in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic.

They also exchanged views on the role of UNMIK, with some insisting that the mission be reviewed, including a reduction option. There are several clauses of the agreement that have absolutely nothing to do with the normalization of economic relations between Kosovo and Serbia, and therefore ridiculously included. These are the clauses under which the two countries have agreed to cooperate with the 69 countries that criminalize homosexuality “to push for decriminalization”; pledged to characterize Hezbollah “in its entirety” as a terrorist organization and to fully implement the necessary measures to limit Hezbollah`s legal operations and financial activities; and finally the clause in which Kosovo and Israel agreed to recognize each other and Serbia agreed to move its embassy in Israel to Jerusalem by 1 July 2021. The mutual recognition clause between Kosovo and Israel is only contained in the document signed by the Kosovar Prime Minister, Mr Hoti, while the clause under which Serbia agrees to move its embassy to Jerusalem is only contained in the documentary document signed by Serbian President Vucic, and this is in fact the only difference between the texts of the two agreements signed separately by Hoti and Vucic.

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