12 Apr

Shareholder Agreement Prijevod

(not in cash, but in terms of available resources. Instead of “cash,” it`s a better term “fund,” or “money” or simply “money.” 1) Revenue streams or expenses (expenses) that change the financial report for a given period. The inflow of funds is usually the result of one in three activities: financing, exploitation or investment, although they can also be the result of donations or donations in the case of personal finances. Outflows are the result of costs or investments. This applies to both business and private financing. Cash flow can be used as an indicator of the company`s financial capacity. 1. In commercial and private financing, the flow of money is essential for solvency. This can be presented as something that has happened in the past, such as the sale of a particular product, or a forecast for the future that represents what a company or individual expects to get and spend. Cash flow is essential to a company`s survival. The large amount of money available ensures that creditors, employees and others can be paid on time. If a business or individual does not have enough money to operate, there is bankruptcy and bankruptcy can occur if the insolvency continues.

2. The cash flow report is often used as a measure for financial transactions. Companies with enough money can reinvest in the business to create even more funds and profits. Located or established outside the borders of a given state, the term offshore is used to refer to a foreign bank, a foreign bank, an investment or a foreign bank. The company (the company) can move to the offshore area to evade tax or for more favourable rules. A right that allows a majority shareholder to forge a minority shareholder to participate in the sale of the company. The majority owner who makes the “withdrawal” must give the minority the same price and conditions as any other seller. This is to protect the majority shareholder.

Considering that some buyers only want full control of the business, the withdrawal fees help eliminate minority owners and sell 100% of a company`s securities to a customer. During the year, investors can call a separate telephone number and hear a report on corporate governance, quarterly results and future revenue forecasts. And while a normal investor can only listen during a conversation, the company may include analyst questions. Also known as “Income Conference Talk,” “Analyst Talk” and “Income Talk.” Most companies on the market hold 4 conference calls a year.

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