14 Apr

Uuwa Collective Agreement

The new Screen Actor`s Guild agreement opens membership for more YouTuber, TikTokers, Snapchat stars and all others who create sponsored videos or voiceovers. All this “bureaucracy” was just getting in the way. “I`ve seen people are being mistreated. I`ve seen people get fired. When will it stop? “However, unlike other sectors, few of these lost fossil fuel jobs will ever return, even if pandemic restrictions have been relaxed. Several oil companies have already announced downsizing and downsizing. Start your week with some good news! “Workers in seven post-secondary institutions receive a 1% increase instead of a 2% discount.” This Week in Labor History: In 1937, more than 600 members of the United Chocolate Workers (CIO) union staged a sit-down strike at the Hershey Chocolate Company in Hershey, Pennsylvania. An anti-union mob of 3,000 stormed the factory and 25 workers were severely beaten in the next battle. In 1939, workers of the Bakery and Confectionary Workers Union (AFL) were affiliated.

Molson Coors worker in Toronto has just started its 6th week on the picket line after they were blocked. You`re asking for our support. In a matter of seconds, you can send a message of protest to the CEO of Molson Coors by clicking on the link 👇 This week in the history of work: in 1911, 146 New York city workers, some as young as 14, died unnecessarily in the Triangle Teewaist factory fire because the employer locked the exit doors to avoid unreaseded rest breaks. Learn more about www.google.ca/…/early-20th…/triangle-shirtwaist-fire solidarity with Amazon employees struggling to form a union ✊️ A study suggests that line managers and other low-wage workers have the highest mortality rate due to COVID-19. We encourage all members to sign this petition calling on the federal government to pass Bill C-253, which better protects defined benefit pension plans and group insurance, and therefore retirees. “These changes are making life more difficult for albertans who are working and injured.”

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